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If you are looking for new fundraising ideas for your sporting club or not for profit club that allow you to engage with your members and not wholly rely on business sponsors, then We are here to help.

We provide the opportunity for everyone to win.  Have a look at our simple process below and see how your club benefits while engaging with the local community and presenting them with the chance to win

Fundraising process

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Fundraising ideas for clubs – If you are a sporting club, non-sporting club or not-for-profit organisation looking to build financial security. We have you covered.

Benefits of working with Club Fundraising

Increase you club’s income

If you are a committee member, club member or employee of a club, at Club Fundraising we know that cash is king, the more greenbacks the better and Hundies are great.  When you purchase Club Fundraising cards, each card sold generates $40 of pure profit.  You target every club member to sell just one card.     

You Can Let Your Club Members Do The Work

Empowering your club members to raise money for their club, lets you increase your fundraising clout without spending extra time drumming up sponsorship. When you give people access to a good product, they are able to participate in all parts of the fundraising process by themselves, from recruiting donors to social media posts. That means more potential funding with little or no extra work for you!

Club Fundraising Broadens Your Reach

The beauty of Club fundraising is that your club members can reach groups of people you probably have not reached yet. They can reach out to their family, friends, Facebook buddies, and co-workers. Those groups of people may be unaware of your club and your mission, and Club Fundraising is a great way to spread your story and broaden your base of supporters.

Here at Club Fundraising, every new customer that places an order will receive an introductory 25% discount on their first order.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How Club Fundraising works

Each card is printed with 40 teams………There is a section to write who/what you are fundraising for…..The card will also show the cost to purchase one of the teams and the prize………and there is a section with a special coating that will be scratched off once all the teams on the card are sold. Club members then sell each team on the card for the amount stated to family, friends or colleagues. Once all teams have been sold the unique scratch off panel can be scratched to reveal the winning team.  The person that has bought the winning team wins the prize.  The prize = half the amount generated from selling each team on the card.  The other half is given to the club you are fundraising for.

Is it Legal

Yes.  At Club Fundraising we have worked with the leading Government bodies across several states to understand their requirements.  Check out the on our HOME page for further details

Why us?

We have active children who have played sports and been involved in sporting clubs for many years.  We noticed the one constant was a lack of funding and process to generate funds that everyone could use.  We built this platform to make fundraising accessible to all club members and with a view to create financial stability.

benefits to purchasing Club Fundraising cards

  1. Fundraising at Club member level, no need for Gold, Silver, Bronze sponsors
  2. Repeatable process – All year-round revenue
  3. Easily managed process at team level
  4. Generate financial stability
  5. Community participation

Now for the legal bit and to ensure we keep our friends at Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation,
NSW Government Fair Trading & Queensland Government Business Queensland happy. Please click and read below

Victorian Commission for Gambling
and Liquor

NSW Government | Fair Trading

Fundraising Cards

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