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The trend we see here at Club Fundraising is a traditional seasonal buying pattern. Clubs engage during pre-season as an early drive to meet their targets and again mid-season.  One observation we have identified is off-season fundraising.  With competing codes of sport or term shutdowns.  Clubs are missing an opportunity to keep their members engaged.  Providing your members with a fundraising campaign, targets and the chance to be rewarded will generate brand awareness while keeping your members connected.  This is the competitive financial advantage you take into pre-season. 

WHEN will we see revenue from the platform?

This is a tried and tested process (check out my blog Tried and Tested – Old School meets today’s needs) Revenue generation starts at team 1 of card 1 on our digital platform.  One digital card when fully sold generates $50 revenue for the club and a $50 reward.  Lets quickly review the process.  Each card has 40 teams listed and each team should be sold for $3 to family, friends’ colleagues etc. The club will send out an email with a unique link to the clubs fundraiser. Each club member should use this email to share across their network. When someone clicks on the link they will be taken directly to the clubs digital fundraising card. The process is simple and you select the team(s) you want to purchase and click purchase. You will be asked for your payment details to confirm the purchase using safe and secure payment partner. Once all the teams are sold the digital card automatically generates a wining team. Whoever has purchased the winning team will be rewarded with $50. Club Fundraising will notify the winner via email and request details to deposit the funds. At the same time the club is notified of the funds generated and deposited into their club account. This process continues until the fundraising campaign target is met.  

Our digital fundraising cards operate in real time ensuring all participants are kept up to date while selecting available teams

If you run a club or sit on the committee why not START a campaign today. IT IS 100% FREE

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