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Let’s look at some of the items, events, expenses and costs that all require funding from clubs.  Club funding is the number one topic at club Committee meetings. 

  • Team wages
  • Team travel expenses
  • Equipment costs
  • Tournament costs
  • Facility upgrades
  • Facility running costs
  • Team tours and apparel

Team Wages

The structure of some sporting clubs culminates in the Senior competition and to compete at the top-level, clubs need to finance players.

You can use Club Fundraising’s FREE Fundraising platform to generate on-going funding.

Team Travel expenses

From Senior level travel requirements to funding mini-bus purchases to game day travel expenses, Club fundraising has this covered. 


Every club has a need to purchase the latest and greatest equipment to give them that added edge.  Gym equipment, balls, bibs, poles, beams, bats, mats, physio tables, cones… you name it Club Fundraising can help.


Don’t let the lack of funds stop you from entering tournaments. Club Fundraising can provide the solution that each team member can use to generate the required funding.

Facility Upgrades & Running Costs

Every Committee will have long term plans in place to upgrade facilities and maintain running costs. Why not bring those plans forward with the unique fundraising process Club Fundraising has to offer.  Simply start a free fundraising campaign and let us know how much you would like to generate. We will do the rest. This process can be used all year round or all season long. You choose.

Team Tours and Apparel

End of season tours or overseas trips.  Every team dreams of pitching themselves against the best.  Club Fundraising’s FREE Fundraising platform is a proven method of generating funds. An easy and simple process that every member of the club can get involved in. 

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