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Every club that we have worked with has a Sponsorship Package strategy in place as the main fundraising activity.  Ranging from Platinum $10,000, Diamond $5,000, Sapphire $3,000, Gold & Blue $1,500 options.  Clubs mission statements for sponsors is to provide value through large memberships and participation rates, high exposure for brand awareness both inside and outside of the club facilities, wide-reaching and targeted social media, and communication presence.  

Working with Club Fundraising completes the cycle and delivers the same benefits to the club that the club promises to any potential Sponsor.  Club fundraising FREE fundraising platform when shared by each club member has a wide-reaching and targeted audience,  we have club branding available on each digital card providing great exposure and brand awareness and our social media and marketing presence is far-reaching with recently featured articles in Vizaca, Entrepreneur Mindz & Medium  

In summary adding Club Fundraising to your fundraising strategy doubles your options and puts the club in control of one half of your fundraising strategy. Our platform is free and the opportunities limitless

Why not start a fundraising campaign today  

The process is simple, the revenue is recognisable.  We are building a strong partnership with clubs and challenge you to complete your fundraising strategy with Club Fundraisings digital platform

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